In September 2001, Bishop Eric and Elect Lady Kenneisha Hutton obeyed the voice of the Lord and held the first Bridge of Destiny Worship Center church service at the Huntsville Hilton with four members and no budget.  The power of God was so present during this service, that hotel guests on their way to other worship services overheard the joyful noise and changed their plans just to be a part of this service.  Throughout the rest of the year and into 2002, the ministry continued to have services at the Von Braun Center, and various hotels in the city, determined to see the vision given by God carried out.  Many services were small in attendance, yet powerful in impact as lives were being changed by the power of God.  In June of 2002, Bridge of Destiny moved to their present location at 201 Parkway Dr.

Since its initial planting, Bridge of Destiny has seen many souls come into the Kingdom, receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Many miracles also have taken place, such as healings from cancer and other infirmities, restored marriages, restored families, and many more.  The outreach ministries have evangelized effectively in the community feeding families, supplying clothing, food, gifts, school supplies, and parties for the youth among other ventures.  To date, Bridge of Destiny is continuing to grow in membership and anointing, and is becoming one of the most visible churches in the city of Huntsville.


Experiencing the presence and power of God in an atmosphere of love and acceptance, while bringing others into the family of Christ, causing growth into spiritual maturity, and empowerment to one another for meeting the needs of people everywhere.